To Start That Novel

Now that the holidays are over and we’re back to our good old routine, it’s time to figure out what you have in store for yourself for 2011.

I intend on starting that novel I always wanted to start and I think I am ready for it. I have my reference books, my writing magazines and my creative storyline to get me started.

With my Freelance Writing Diploma in Genre Fiction completed, I can spend my time concentrating on turning all that I learned into something which everyone is going to enjoy reading.

Romance, fantasy and science fiction is my forte. As a member of the RWA – Romance Writers of America, I get tips on how to keep my writing entertaining and well written.

Keep posted to my site and watch the creation unfold and you’ll soon see me on the bookshelves. Wish me luck!


One response to “To Start That Novel

  1. Wooow… less than 100 comments!!… I have to take advantage of this and write my comment on your web site… ok… what should I write??… mmm, I don’t think my criminal history would help me gain your sympathy, uh?? haha… in any case, I just want you to know that I believe you’re a breathtaking blogger and writer… so, thanks for that.. now I know I’m not a robot. well, this post is getting too long to be read, so i’ll stop now…

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