Dressing Up Your Character

Sometimes I have no idea what my characters are going to wear. That’s where fashion magazines come in and I love it. My characters are either dressed in style or their attire has a better description instead of just a shirt and pants.

I like to leave the tedious descriptions, such as clothing, living arrangements and employment, for the editing process, unless it has something to do directly with the story. After I finish, I write it in.

It’s great to see some of my female characters wearing clothes from local stores, so my readers can associate. I like to write my characters in cities that I have lived in or visited, since I know the area, so by naming some of the stores in a casual conversation, the reader can relate. Besides, I didn’t know there were so many different names for the variety of shoes and handbags.

The more “real” you make your character, the more chance your readers will like your creations.

J. Andrew, Writer & Book Reviewer


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