Should you enter a writing contest? Is it worth it? I think so.

Some contests are free to enter while others have a minimal entry fee but it’s well worth it. I entered a contest and I didn’t win but when I saw the winners of the contest, I not only knew my story needed more work but it gave me an opportunity to see what I was up against. It was a good learning experience. Besides, it was only one contest! I should enter more to get exposure and so should you.

Entering a writing contest exposes your work to editors that will get a chance to read it. There is always a percentage of chance that when you submit your story or manuscript to a publishing company, it won’t even be seen. In a contest, all entries are read and all genres are able to be submitted.

The top prizes are usually a trip to the publishing company or a meeting with the editor about getting your manuscript published. Also, there are secondary prizes you can win such as books and magazine subscriptions you should have in your repertoire, editing and consulting services, showcasing your work on websites, virtual book tours or discounts on other services that an enthusiastic, passionate writer would love to get his or her hands on.

Many writers’ magazines list the contests at the back where company advertisements are. Some contests are listed on writing websites such as The Writer or Writer’s Digest and of course, you can always Google it under “writing contest”.

Take many chances and enter a contest. Look at it as another way of getting your work out there in the editor’s or publisher’s hands.

Let me get you started. Below are some links to your first or the start of a series of contests: (if you can’t access the link, cut and paste into your browser).





Don’t wait for me to get your creative flow going. Check the expansive resources of the internet for other contests you can submit your work to. Make sure the source is legitimate and do your research. If you are paying money, make sure it is well spent.

Good luck and give me some feedback on your progress.

Take care and happy writing!

Jennifer Andrew


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