Paperback or eBook

I read an article in the RWA Romance Writer’s Report about the issue of technology taking over literacy. Although the eBook age is increasing, I still like the feel of a physical book in my hand. I still love libraries and bookstores and reading a book that is packed with drama and intrigue, no matter what the genre.


It’s discouraging when the thought of the physical book may be a thing of the past and to think that products like the eBook reader has books reduced to less depth and story, or so we think. I’ve heard that electronic novels may be running the course of light candy creations but why can’t you get an in depth, meaty book like you would find in any physical book? This may be just a prediction and we would have to wait to find out the outcome but I think just by switching our method of reading, is not going to reduce the quality of the story.

My concern is the classification of the Writer. With eBooks getting more popular, self publishing may be on the rise so new writers can see his or her work faster in print. Going through a publisher, whether in print or eBook, may discourage writers due to the competition but it should still be sought. When self publishing, I hope that professional editing services are used so the quality of the story remains good.

Jenn Andrew
Freelance Writer


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