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Is video game a refreshment or an addiction for you?

One may start playing video games for pleasure and impetus, but it might turn into hindrance for one’s own regular work. You never know when your tenminutes’ time for playing turns into sixty minutes. Most of the time, you click on your favourite app of game thinking to refresh yourself. But, do you actually switch it off after having played a game once or twice?

The popularity of video games is increasing day by day. Games are fun not only for children, but all age groups. Once you start enjoying them, this animated world takes you deep inside it. They certainly have their own benefits and drawbacks; it’s up to you to choose it as a refreshment or an addiction.

Recent research shows that 45% of gamers are female whereas, 55% is male. It isn’t surprising; females have always been multitalented. Women are smart; they know very well to schedule their time accurately. However, the fad of these games effects us badly and we are distracted from our most valued work. Being a woman, I would like to share my experience here. My friend told me about a new interesting game and I had never been so crazy for any video game before.

When I played this new game, I was swayed by it. I played it excessively; every time I played it I was curious to play more. Unknowingly and unwillingly it became my addiction. This gave stress instead of fun to my mind and body. Finally it made me think; I will not let this be a glitch for my writing and drawing passions. Creativity is more important than being lost in any creation. Also, playing a game for a while and learning focus and its techniques is more beneficial than playing for long hours blindly and obsessively.

In present times of advanced technology, every tough job is made easier. With all the facilities and comforts around us, there are equal amount of distractions. These can mislead us from our dream path. One needs to keep a watch on oneself, to avoid diversions and focus on one’s goal. Are you relating this to yourself? Yes! Everyone ought to relate. There is no exceptional sector today, machinery and automation is in every corner of the world.

Some of the many favorable effects of video games are: Games enhances creativity, they force each player to play with their innovative ideas. It means all individuals, whether or not in a creative profession, get a chance of creation. They are beneficial for vision and improve hand-eye coordination. Dr. Daphen Maurer of the visual development lab of Ontario’s McMaster University made a surprising discovery: People suffering from ´cataracts´ can improve their vision by playing first person shooter games like Medal of honor and Call of duty, as they require an extreme amount of attention, training the visually impaired to view things more sharply. Games also give relief from mental and emotional issues such as stress, depression and pain.

The study on video games by psychologists and government agencies reflects various harmful issues. Like addiction, aggression, violence, social development, etc, societal ills are promoted by this charming gaming world. They might negatively affect one’s physical health. The constant use of thumb, wrist and eyes can lead to problems such as eye strain, RSI, etc.

As said, you have to take the good with the bad. The games are good, inspiring our creativity, focus, intelligence, management, etc of which they make the best examples. But, they can also create the worst impact in our lives, if we take them as addiction. It depends in the manner you take it; so, be a chooser. No addiction has a right to ruin our happy life, kick them off if they do so. Life is also a game. Enjoy!

Guest Post by Ashna Chand:

She is a passionate writer.  She loves to pray, dance, draw, read and write. Creativeness makes her go berserk, nature mesmerises her.  Through her blogs, she wants to take her readers to a wistful world, make them laugh, acquaint them with various incredulities and, last but not least, give them inspiration by sharing all her good or bad experiences of life.

Visit her blog at

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