Short Fiction Time: 5 Masterpieces in the Genre


Ben short story

5 Short Stories Which Make Their Collection Worth Buying

~ post by Ben

Ok folks, short fiction time.

There might be some of you out there who have never read any short fiction, and that’s okay. Trust me, I understand. The form has often been an underrepresented one. Thankfully, short stories are in the midst of a come-back, though it’s still hard to know what’s worth diving into. Novels are easy. One story, one set of characters to focus on, and the time to get to know them all. Plus, they win all the awards that let you know what everyone’s reading. But not those pesky collections. They have a whole bunch of stories, and how will you know if any of them are good if they’re all different? Safer to stick with that new novel right?


Dear readers, it is my literary duty to you to provide an…

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