Don’t Play It Safe

Some new writers like to write safe. When I write, sometimes I think too much about what people will think of me as a writer and not so much about the story I am trying to produce.

Take Game of Thrones. I think it is a roller coaster ride of crazy and the writers are far from creating storylines that send us to great heights and back. With each episode, no character (favorite, main or otherwise) is safe from the pen of the writer. They are there to surprise us, shock us and devastate us in ways we cannot imagine.

My writing is too safe. If I can capture a percentage of the wild ride we go through each week from the awesome series, then my piece of work will astound my readers.

Try to walk the fine line. Don’t be too safe. Venture out into the dark to find some light to lead the way to your masterpiece.

Let’s see what you can do to turn your writing into a real state of the art.

Freelance Writer & Book Reviewer


One response to “Don’t Play It Safe

  1. George R.R. Martin isn’t afraid to kill his characters. He’s definitely one of those writers who doesn’t play it safe and in so doing has created a world and characters that we readers (and viewers) have become emotionally invested.

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